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02 September 2005

It Looks Like Fox News Might Have Dropped the Ball Too

Why did it take them five days to get their most potent weapon into New Orleans? I'm watching O'Reilly (no, not him) and he's got Geraldo on live from the atrocious convention center, and he is stirring things up. "This is the most horrible scene I've ever seen in a civilized nation!" "There are 20,000 people inside that building with dead babies in there!" The cops of course are all greeting him with hugs. "They're rallying around me, Bill, they're rallying around me!" Sometimes, at the darkest hour, it takes an outsized ego to make things happen. Maybe if they had Geraldo on the scene from the start instead of that weenie Shephard Smith things might have moved faster.


Anonymous Bob said...

Does anyone remember Hurricane Andrew? I remember much complaining about the time that it took for relief to be available. Andrew was huge but the everglades didn't have levees...

Also, what’s the deal with the "days after the storm". Not a great fan of MSNBC but I think their count is accurate. They have a clock counting from the day after the storm. (Last night they said 4 days 10 hours while CNN was saying nearly 6 days after the storm). Granted everything looks insufferably long but that’s because the coverage is non-stop, but you have to choose the end of the storm as the starting point.

September 03, 2005 9:20 AM  

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