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13 August 2005

Illegal Immigrants Safe in NH; Bush Heaves Sigh of Relief

A sheriff in a New Hampshire town attempted to use a novel approach to controlling illegal immigration in his town: he arrested one for trespass. But a state judge threw out the case. I'm not a big supporter of creative uses of the law, so I can't say I support the sheriff's approach. The judge ruled, I must grudgingly admit, soundly and conservatively, that immigration control is in the federal domain, not state, and the sheriff was using the common law as a way to control immigration.
But the federal government is in no mood to help. George Bush is unconcerned that immigrants from Latin America will often crowd 30 people into a single family home. One family apartments are subdivided into 5 separate family units. Towns can use their zoning laws to fight back, but it's a losing battle. Note the clever way this article on overcrowding manages to avoid any suggestion regarding the origins of the squatters except for this little clue dropped in the middle: "Diana Mehia, director of Wind in the Spirit, a Morristown immigration help group, said ..."
When George Bush and John McCain claim that immigrants merely take jobs Americans won't do, they really mean that immigrants are willing to live 6 family's to a house rather than the spoiled American families who insist on wasting 6 whole rooms just for themselves.


Anonymous jimbo said...

Interesting take on the immo prob, but I wouldn´t expect much from Bush as he seems to have a squatter problem of his own at the moment.

August 14, 2005 6:08 AM  

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