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16 August 2005

Hispanic-Americans More Anti-Immigration Than Bush and McCain

According to a new report from the Pew Hispanic Center, "relatively few Hispanics favor increasing the flow of legal immigration from Latin America and a significant minority, concentrated among native-born Latinos, is concerned that unauthorized migrants are hurting the economy." McCain and Bush have no such concerns - they're instead more concerned about business profits and how tough it can be on an American company having to hire American workers. What McCain doesn't like about the current situation is "its inability to provide sufficient legal channels to pair willing workers with willing employers." As in "I'm willing to work at half the cost of an American worker" meet "I'm willing to pay you that."
The report's summary continues: "Meanwhile, separate PHC surveys conducted in Mexico show that about four of every ten adults in the Mexican population say they would migrate to the United States if they had the means and opportunity and that two of every ten are inclined to live and work here without legal authorization." So there's about 70 million Mexicans quite "willing" to move north to take a job from employers "willing" to pay them. Another 35 million Mexicans are willing to come here illegally to do so. The whole concept of a "guest worker program" is nonsense - we can't be host to 70 million guests. It's an atrocious concept that should be dead-in-the-water in Congress - but I fear what kind of payoffs will be made to turn some key lawmakers in the 11th hour.


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