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14 June 2005

Michael Jackson is Free

Ok, I'm going to comment on the Michael Jackson case. I really wanted him to be guilty because I wanted to believe that anyone that bizarre must be truly ghastly. But in the end I am far more relieved that a jury said to a prosecutor - even if only after a multi-million dollar defense - "You didn't prove it!" Unlike OJ, who was so obviously guilty, Jackson did not employ a cynical defence that accused the authorities of racism. He used a time-honored strategy of questioning the accuser's motives based on greed.
Even if MJ did do what he is accused of, there is zero chance he'll do it again, with all the heightened awareness of his odd relationship with adolescents. You don't need a Megan's law with him - he's a walking neon sign saying - "Don't let your children be alone with me!"
We all remember the child abuse witch hunts of the 80's, where innocent people's lives were ruined by prosecutors looking for a big career boost. I don't know what would drive a prosecutor to try someone like Michael Jackson without any physical corroborative evidence - perhaps he really did believe his case. But, given the complete lack of evidence beyond the accuser's testimony - which given the millions to be made has to be by definition suspect - I've got to think the man is either grossly incompetent or grossly ambitious.
What message does this send, given the recent Kobe Bryant fiasco? Open season on regular folks by abusive celebrities? Perhaps. But the real lesson should be Stay Away From Celebrities - common sense should tell you that a celbrity is not interested in you as a person - so for the dull, maybe the likelihood that you could be raped by a celibrity with impunity might drive the point home.


Anonymous jimbo said...

I have to admit that I too was pulling for a guilty verdict for the same reasons. But after my initial disappointment, I´m relieved that he was acquitted for something as simple as a weak case against him.

Coincidentally, last night I was surfing some sites on OJ and came across crime scene photos. It´s amazing that he still has custody of his kids when you look at the photos of what he did to their mother.

July 02, 2005 9:28 PM  

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