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13 June 2005

Religion Trumps Science

The religion in this case is the religion of political correctness. A drug that has proven to be highly effective in treating heart disease among blacks may run into a roadblock on its way to approval because of fears that this may validate the concept of race. Now every breathing human can tell blacks from whites from East Asians ("Orientals," in the old-fashioned parlance). Forensic pathologists can tell them apart by a pile of bones dug up from a shallow grave. And a blood test can identify your race from your DNA. But these pc fanatics say "race is just a social construct."
In time enough will be known about DNA to identify specific genetic differences in humans so that drugs can be tailored less crudely than race alone, and such nonsense will no longer be an issue. But of course by then we will also know a lot more about DNA than just disease risk factors - like why one person is stronger than another, faster than another, fairer, prettier, taller, smarter, warmer, more gregarious, more musical, etc., etc., and then the genie will really be out of the bottle. Should be fun.


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