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04 June 2005

Study Casts Doubt on Homosexuality's Hereditability

No, you won't find that headline in the Times when you link to this article. Instead, the study's author gushingly suggests quite the opposite. But what happened is that the scientists spliced a single gene into some fruitflies, and this gene made them "gay" - i.e., turn their mating energies toward the same sex. I'm sure it was a great technical achievement, but it doesn't seem very surprising to me that sexual behavior (or any behavior) is driven by genes. But the suggestion that this means that homosexuality is therefore genetic is a little puzzling, since the obvious lesson of this study is that such behavior is a genetic dead-end - the ones with the "gay gene" weren't able to mate!
By the way, this post repeats comments I made on the website to a post on this topic.


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