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18 February 2013

Democrats to Republicans: Watch What We Do, Not What We Say

Republicans have been taking advice from Democrats and New-York-Times types on how to improve their electoral prospects by embracing amnesty for illegal immigrants. Of course following this advice will positively doom the party to permanent minority status, as Latinos vote overwhelmingly Democrat. But Republicans are pretty stupid, so they anointed the lightweight Marco Rubio to lead their surrender on immigration reform and to deliver the State-of-the-Union reply.

And of course the Left has been mocking Rubio mercilessly ever since. Can Republicans possibly see what's going on here, how they've been duped? Doesn't look like it. O'Reilly is now "investigating" how the Democrats are out to smear Rubio over a silly water-bottle gaffe. The real investigation should be into how a dope like Rubio came to be thought of as a party leader. They should look at what's being done to their choice to lead their Hispanic-outreach efforts and realize that there's no way to win that game. Instead we just hear whining: "Hey, we did what you said, we're reaching out to Hispanics, and then you slam us - No Fair!"

Meanwhile, Rubio is on a high-profile trip to the Mideast, where he will meet with Netanyahu! Now that's gravitas!

Taking advise from your deadly rival doesn't make much sense, obviously. When has it happened before? Arguably, that's what Gorbachev did - he listened to "advice" from the West that unless the Soviet Union opened up more, allowed more dissent, they were doomed. And guess what happened? He opened up, allowed more dissent, and in 3 years the Soviet Union was no more. The Chinese authorities, on the other hand, so the folly in that appoach and harshly cracked down on any protests, despite much "advice" from the  West. They remain in charge today, stronger than ever, even though Tom Friedman advises them every other week that they need to allow more dissent.


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