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15 January 2013

'They've Got the Devil in Them'

How is it that creeps look like creeps? Look at these hideous people charged with a bizarre double slaying in Joliet, Il:

The victims were both black men in their 20's. Acquaintances of the accused, they were lured to an apartment by the females then strangled and robbed and partially dismembered. The guys played video games for a couple days while they dithered over disposal of the bodies.  That's when the cops caught them.  Authorities claim there was no racial angle.That's hard to believe looking at them, but I suppose the whole situation is such a low-life, loser, f-up mess, following up on any associated hate-crime aspects is just too depressing for the investigators to even look into.

I was on a jury about a year ago. Before even entering the jury selection room and not yet knowing anything about the case, I noted a well-groomed man in a suit walking about in the hallway and thought "Ugh - what a creepy-looking guy." Turns out he was the defendant - accused (and eventually convicted) of raping his 13-year old daughter.

So what makes creeps look creepy? My wife's Occam's-razor explanation is that they have devil eyes - they've got the devil in them. Well, sure. But perhaps their lack of social graces makes them neglect their own appearance, or take on a purposefully menacing look? I tend to think that their ghastly behavior is part of a "syndrome", and such syndromes tend to also manifest themselves in facial appearance. The at-first-blush most non-menacing looking of the above four -  the one on the left - has those odd, asymmetric ears and eyes. The others are just - hoo boy, they just shout "keep your distance." Perhaps the young black men - assuming they weren't just as bad as this crew - didn't have that sense because they're not so tuned in to white faces?


Blogger Dan Kurt said...

re: "So what makes creeps look creepy?"

1) Are they Dopers?

2) Are they low IQ types: < 80?

Until the industrial revolution took hold such types generally were culled from the gene pool I suspect.

Dan Kurt

January 16, 2013 1:43 PM  

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