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03 January 2013

Obsessed with Raising Taxes on the Rich

Democrats have successfully raised taxes on those making 400k+. But that's a rather piddling amount - around $60b a year - for 2013 that's just enough to cover the request for hurricane Sandy. They should now go after more, like a little extra on incomes over $1m and maybe a couple percent on incomes over $250k. Then there's those outrageously low capital gains taxes to be remedied...there's just no end to the tax raising opportunities.

Republicans have been obsessed with tax cuts and "No NewTaxes" pledges for a couple decades and, except for a brief period in the mid-90's when they passed welfare reform (enacted) and immigration restrictions (vetoed), that's all they've talked about since (well, ok, other than wars).

So maybe if the Democrats could just get similarly obsessed with raising taxes, it'll take their minds off other, more destructive pursuits, such as "comprehensive immigration reform", "equal pay" laws, hate-crime laws, etc. Then maybe congress would do nothing but fight about taxes - now that would be an improvement in government.


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