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06 February 2013

Why It Sucks to be Poor

As has been pointed out elsewhere, the worst part about being poor is having to live among other poor people. The obvious concern is that you'll become a crime victim, but what will more certainly happen is that you'll just have to suffer through their dreadful behavior and in the worst case this behavior will become so intolerable that you'll lose control and end up being the victimizer and then find yourself in the worst neighborhood of all - prison.

That's more-or-less what happened to George Zimmerman down in Florida (though there's a chance he might get off, depending on how intimidated the jurors are by the circus around them). Just the other day, an elderly Korean man reached the end of his tether. He was living at the Sable Ridge Condos in Dallas (see reviews here) in an apartment beneath what I presume to be Section 8 tenants (an unmarried couple, 5 kids, mother had non-paying jobs at non-profits). Their dog defecated and urinated on their balcony - the pee dripped down onto Chung's balcony and the poop was tossed off the balcony, landing on his balcony or in front of his doorway. Plus, the dogs and kids ran around constantly. His complaints fell on deaf ears. He apparently couldn't take it any longer, and ended up shooting and killing the mother and boyfriend - and now will, at the age of 75, be going to prison for the rest of his life where the clientele will no doubt make him long for his old neighbors.

I'm wondering if he had foolishly bought the apartment and was thus stuck there. Or else he was just too poor to move anywhere else or break his lease. If you don't have much money, you've still got to figure out ways to find a civilized place to live. But buying a place anywhere but in a stable, well governed neighborhood is just foolhardy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On a related note, I wonder why more people who commit suicide don't take their tormentors with them, at least when it would be feasible to do so.

February 10, 2013 11:35 AM  

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