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12 September 2010

The Transformation is Nearly Complete

It started really the very first day, but with Obama's commemoration talks yesterday, 9/11 is well on its way to become a full on Islam Appreciation Day. Most Americans probably still think that remembering 9/11 would be about remembering fellow Americans who died that day as victims of a vicious attack by Islamic terrorists, but Obama seems to feel that it is a day more fit for contemplating the intolerance of the American citizenry and remembering the victims of anti-Islam sentiment. So in effect 9/11 is becoming a celebration of the terrorists themselves for establishing Islam as a protected and favored cultural movement within the United States.

11 September 2010

Why Are Liberals So Defensive of Islam?

In all the hullabaloo over the Ground Zero Mosque and the (now aborted) burning of the Koran, it has been the Left that has been most resolutely defending the Muslim side, often with invective and personal attacks against those taking the contrary position. Yet it is clearly liberalism that is most at risk from a growing Islamic presence in the West.

Fundamental tenets over which modern liberalism fights its fiercest battles - absolute equality of the sexes, total freedom of expression*, complete normalization of homosexual relations, the hegemony of secularism in society, the immunity of Jewishness from any criticism in our public discourse, and of course the elevation of tolerance as the highest ideal - are anathema to Islam, and sure to be eroded as it grows in influence. But while this seems incongruous, it is in actuality not so as liberalism is, at its core, an ideology of suicide.

* Obviously with some hypocrisy, as language of "hate" or intolerance is not approved.

P.S. The New York Times has an article today about how the town of Gainseville in which the Koran burning was to take place is so mortified by this scandalous attention, as it is "educated and progressive, with a gay mayor." Oh the irony.

03 September 2010

Republicans to the Rescue!

What will be the first thing they do to tackle our severe economic problems? Why, fully extending the Bush Tax Cut. Here's House GOP Conference Chairman Mike Pence:Well, we're going to stay focused on Election Day. But I think before that, we're going to continue to demand that this administration and this Congress make it clear that no American will see a tax increase in January of next year, no matter how wealthy.Ok, I added those last 4 words. Obama keeps getting criticized for always "blaming Bush," but, really - Obama hasn't given any indication that he understands the fundamental problem we are facing (grotesque levels of debt of which only a fraction can ever be paid off) - but obviously the razor-sharp analytical minds in the Republican leadership haven't managed to catch site of the forest, either.