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07 September 2008

Prophetic Comments

In the department of giving credit where credit is due, commenter Miles who has commented here frequently, has been warning that terrorists are going to start using wild fires as a tactic. I have been dismissive of this, since jihadist tactics just don't seem that subtle. But Miles appears to be onto something, as Brenda Walker reports at VDARE.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have always been scared that forrest/agricultural fires could be a low-fi way for terrorists or "wanna-be" terrorists to really inflict some damage on our economy with very little investment on their part.

Using a few four-wheelers and sprayers filled with gasoline, driving through forrest trails and spraying the trees in the dry season, could allow would-be terrorists the opportunity to set several fires that would spread over large distances very quickly.

I know its not an ICBM, but these folks dont have those (yet). They do however, have plenty of will-to-power and willingness to die for their cause. If they knew a hit on Iran was imminent anyway or whatnot, I wouldn't be suprised. I suppose all our FBI and CIA can do is to continue to monitor their websites, emails, and other communications and try and interdict the would-be-terrorists whem they think might be planning something before they can carry it out. A nation as free is ours will always be a little vunerable to something like this.

The War Nerd (Gary Brecher) has mentioned forrest fires as a possible terror tool for Muslim fanatics before. Ive seen the after-effects of a burnt forrest in Florida in the nineties. Its hard to believe one lightening strike (or a match in our hypothetical case) could cause so much damage during a dry spell. The foliage was charred and dead for miles along the interstate down there one year.


September 08, 2008 2:19 AM  

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