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27 August 2008

Hillary's Farewell?

Kudos to Hillary Clinton for doing her best to support Barack Obama by assuring us all that we are so thankful that she is not the nominee. At least that was my takeaway. The thought of having to hear non-stop sob-tales about single-moms and homages to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits - not to mention watching her lugubriously whining followers who for reasons unknowable are certain she is the demonstrably superior candidate - not to mention that awful singsongy yet grating delivery of hers - for the rest of the campaign and god forbid 4 more years is beyond my tolerance. After last night's speech, all I can say is Bless You, Barack, bless you. Of course, we haven't heard from Barack himself yet - but I'm confident the wretch factor will be much lower.


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