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10 May 2006

U.S. Children Under 5 Nearly Half 'Minority'

And the Hispanic portion is far and away the fastest growing. This could only be good news to Mexicans glad to see their poorer countrymen head up north. Or to a hopelessly befuddled Brookings scholar.
William H. Frey, a demographer with the Brookings Institution, predicted that the United States will have "a multicultural population that will probably be more tolerant, accommodating to other races and more able to succeed in a global economy."
A more asinine statement is hard to imagine. I have news for you Mr. Frey - the only place you're going to find even the concept - never mind the actual practice - of tolerance and accommodation to minority groups is among whites in America and Europe. You sure as hell aren't going to find it in Latin America, where most countries are ruled by a minority white population, and one's place in society is positioned along a continuum of skin color. While actually thinking about the nonsense he's spewing may be too much to ask of a Brookings fellow, Udolpho could manage to find some clear evidence of how Mexicans in America think of the white folk around them.
But even if you could forgive his multi-culti sentimentality, how in God's name does he conclude that such a society will be more competetive economically? Because most workers will be dirt poor working for slave wages and so the Chinese will be happy to build factories here? Or is he really is trying to say that an America that has more Latinos will be more productive? Does he know of some Latin American country that's secretly an economic powerhouse beneath a veneer of impoverishment and corruption? Yet he's capable of seeing some real problems ahead:
There could be increased competition for money and power, he added: "The older, predominantly white baby-boom generations will need to accommodate younger, multiethnic young adults and child populations in civic life, political decisions and sharing of government resources" in places such as the Washington suburbs.
That's true, because the 'multiethnic young adults' won't be able to carry their own load, never mind pay the taxes to support retiring gringos.
William O'Hare, a senior fellow at the Annie E. Casey Foundation, said he is not sure the country is prepared to provide the extra help that immigrants' children often need to become well-educated workers and the future supporters of retirement programs for a predominantly white elderly population. Some Americans, he said, will not welcome the news that minorities are nearly the majority among young children."Part of the people will see this and say, 'Gee, these kids are really our future parents and workers, and we need to take care of them,' " O'Hare said. "The other would say it is time to send them all home."
In other words, some Americans are naive beyond redemption while others can see the handwriting on the wall.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im dumfounded at what my city (Im mid-thirties) looks like now. Parts of it look like a second world country with beaucoup loud, ugly signs in foreign languages, pedestrians walking WAY outside the downtown loop (pedestrian because they dont have a car) gumming up the roadways, gang grafitti from 4 different operating hispanic gangs and one new Kurdish one. Neighborhoods that were once nice and neat, looking very run down with multiple JUNKY cars in the newly uncared-for yards (because three and four families are in the house), and listening to the sounds of a couple of new languages in particular everywhere one goes within the "limits", all the while knowing two exits down the freeway, enscounced in another county's limits where affordable housing is zoned out of existence, gated fiefdoms of manicured acreage interrupted by faux French, Spanish, Edwardian, Tudor, Would-be-Castle McMansions are sandwiched between well-zoned Nazi-neat strip malls, churches, banks that exhibit the same flowerbed, putting-green grass perfection.

Its like two worlds, a heaven-on-earth............and a gritty, ugly, run-down, low-browed, darwinian civilization that is living amongst the new ruins of an older one are only ten minutes apart. They might as well be hundreds of miles though. The brown people that speak the funny toungue wouldn't be welcome in the nice "heaven" for ANYTHING if they didn't mow the grass, build the new estates, clean the floors there. If they dont have their uniform on...........they are suspect. It just kills me that those who say "walls dont work" and are being enriched by the cheap labor, themselves live behind (guess what?).....walls.

Can any of you imagine what high schools are going to be like in 15 more years if "this" doesnt stop in regular cites/suburbs? From what Ive seen, blacks and hispanics eye each other very suspiciously and as the latter gains numbers over the former the simmering hostilities will become outright. The whites all the while, the contingent of whom are NOT tatoo'ed burn-outs, drinking/using MTV-created losers who are as bound for a trailer park as if they are already there, will no doubt begin to be doubling down in school to escape their new South American, Middle Eastern, increasingly angry black neighbors with all their might. I would predict that self help books like "Algerbra/Calculus/Biology for Dummies" will be Fed-Ex'ed to white teenagers more and more in the future in "regular" parts of town as the horrified want to escape the Hobbesein social world that will be their middle/high schools.

Anyone wanna guess what the cafeteira at these schools will look like? The white third sitting as far away from the dueling minority gangs as they can. Kids who walk to the other sides of hallways to avoid eye contact with bullies anyone? Would it not be amusing to MAKE COMPULSURY the gated community-"youths" go to school with the new minority-majority that their corporate-ladder-greed-creed parents WANT here? Wouldnt it be funny to see the expression on John Podhoretz's face when his 14 year old son came home form school beaten literally beyond recognition with a few broke ribs and perhaps worse when he is reminded that he can't afford a private school and that his some will "just have to fend for himself" amongst the new minority majority that hates his guts? Of course that wont happen. I just wish the despicable people who have facilitated and encouraged (like Immigration Reform act of 65') Ted Kennedy could be personally touched by the wonderful "diversity" they have wrought on America since about 88'.

By the way..............a question for any of you to ask the next neo-con/liberal that you know who loves diversity that sends their kids to private schools where they will never be beat up and live in a gated fortress or so far outside the city limits that they are unaffected by it,... ask them: what in the hell was so bad about America in 1987?

Also ask them when they prattle on about diversity: "Whats so bad about plain old black and white people?"
"Does China need diversity to STAY competitive?" "Does India need diversity?" "What about Africa?"
If they answer "yes, they do", ask them would they consider allowing those nations/continents to vote on it before emigrating so many millions to THEIR shores that they make those native majority populations minorities in THEIR own lands. Perhaps see what THEY say first before you have to get their boot out of your @ss while they are DEPORTING you......we can only fantasize.

May 11, 2006 10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I can say to that, Ziel, is "WoW"!

Extraordinarily well written, insightful comment.


May 12, 2006 9:32 AM  
Anonymous Harlem said...

I concur wholeheartedly with Anonymous 2's comment about Anonymous 1's post. Very well written, very insightful and completely correct.
Way to go #1!
How can anyone look at what we have and how we live and then look at what "they" have and how they live and think that integration will benefit us? Wow, does that sound like 50's racism?
If it does, then I have a problem because I do believe it is a real problem. Of course the real difference is how you treat who is already here vs how many more you allow to come in.
The issue of Black on Hispanic racism, hatred and violence is major and real. Virtually all significant prison uprisings from the past 10 years come from that friction and it is not unrealistic to see it coming more & more to the streets of America.
The unfortunate human nature reality is that every "group" needs another to look down upon, be better than, instill fear in, etc. In our history, it was the poor whites fearing the upward mobility of the blacks, resulting in the formation of the KKK. This continues to exist with skinheads and remnants of the Klan still seeking to control the perceived "lower" or "inferior" class (blacks, gays, etc) through fear and intimidation.
Should the "brown invasion" continue unchecked or be encouraged, there will be lots of blood on the streets, with middle and upper class whites tightly boraded up in their homes.

May 12, 2006 6:13 PM  
Blogger ziel said...

I think a lot of what I would call "detached" Americans - those who are generally insulated from direct, unmediated contact with minorities - think that 'hard-working' Latinos somehow replace other less-hard working Americans, be they blacks or white trash. The fact is, neither blacks nor under-class whites are going anywhere. So even if Hispanics can be thought to be marginal improvements over these groups, that really does us no good. It makes no sense at this point to have any significant immigration that does not positively improve upon the average contribution of existing citizens.

May 12, 2006 10:26 PM  
Blogger Tino_G said...

Kurdish gangs? Who knew. Arn't there only 10.000 kurds in the US? What city is this?

At any case it's sad that Kurds would behave this way.

May 14, 2006 12:29 AM  
Anonymous Dano said...

You're anonymous so let us know what city this is or are we just deluding ourselves and it is all around each of us.

May 15, 2006 8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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