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08 May 2006

New Class at Duke: Orwellian Administration?

The rape allegations against the Duke Lacrosse players were apparently so preposterous that Durham police told Duke police that it would blow over and any charges filed would be no more than misdemeanors. Duke officials were then understandably caught off guard when the case exploded three weeks later. This is according to a report commissioned by the university.

One major mistake, the report said, was that Duke President Brodhead wasn't apprised of the 'racial aspects' of the case until ten days later. In other words, Brodhead was initially misled into believing that facts in the case would prevail when had he known more he would have realized that the course of events would be dictated by a mob.

But of course the real problem was a lack of diversity in Duke's administration. While most of us have been taught that diversity is the magic solution to all problems - and a lack thereof an insurmountable obstacle to success - this message somehow eluded Duke's leadership. A more 'diverse' group might have realized that basic guilt or innocense was immaterial in such situations and that prompt Stalinist measures would be called for.
The case may have been handled better "if a wide array of life histories and perspectives had been brought to bear on what were sensitive and highly charged issues," the report said.
Yes, that would have made all the difference, sort of like the perspective of the black-female security guard who made the 9-1-1 call that night and sensitively reported that "She's like, she's like intoxicated, drunk or something."


Blogger C. Van Carter said...

It had been reported earlier the accuser had stolen a car, but I hadn't seen before today the details of that incident:

"While giving a table dance for a taxi driver, she stole his car keys and sped off in his cab"

May 09, 2006 10:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty obvious that Duke has been severely held back by a lack of diversity in its top administraton. A simple look at some numbers will bear that out.

The best ranking the undergraduate college could achieve was 5th in the nation. Imagine finishing behind such troglodyte-infested institutions as Princeton and Yale! How about the Medical School? Again 5th, behind such schools as Harvard and Johns Hopkins. Who noteworthy ever came from those places? And then it gets really bad: the Business and Law schools could only finish 11th. Do you begin to see the pattern here?

And there's no difference when you switch to extracuricular activities such as sports. The basketball team, ranked number 1 most of 2005-06 could only make it to the final 8 in the NC 2 A's. Their lacrosse team, highly ranked in pre season, hasn't won a game in months! In fact, I can't find their overall record anywhere (wonder what happened with that - pathetic!).

Clearly this record of underachievement can only be attributed to the aforementioned lack of diversity. Case closed.


May 10, 2006 8:14 AM  
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