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17 October 2005

A Testable Prediction

Kevin Drum points to this rant by the Bull Moose Blog predicting a vicious Republican attack on Patrick Fitzgerald should he indict Rove.
[H]e will unleash the dogs of war against Mr. Fitzgerald...nothing else will matter to the GOP smear team than sullying the reputation of the special counsel. The right will wail that they are the victims of...a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy...They will see no irony or hypocrisy in their complaint because this is a fight about preserving power not maintaining consistency.
Wow - that's getting a little too worked up over something that hasn't even happened yet. Now I haven't been very fond of the Bush Administration lately, but I'd be willing to counter-predict on this one. I predict that personal attacks against Fitzgerald will be very muted if not non-existent. Attacks against the case itself will be harsh, but I seriously doubt Fitzgerald himself will be attacked. Fox News will not feature stories questioning the prosecutor's integrity, Drudge will not feature blaring headlines of past Fitzgerald venalities. We should know soon enough if the Bull Moose's intemperate predictions come true. I will follow up and give credit if due.


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