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09 October 2005

Baseball News, Down Under Style

While subtle, the stylistic differences in an Aussie article on baseball can be jarring:
The Houston Astros have come from 1-6 down in the eighth inning to beat the Atlanta Braves 7-6 in the longest playoffs game in baseball history
Come on, mate, you never give the lower score first.
the Braves led in the eighth, but the Astros drew level to force extra innings
Drew level? That's something you might do if you're hanging some pictures. They also note that
the New York Yankees have also come from behind to beat the Los Angeles Angels 3-2 and level at 2-2 the best-of-five series
And leveled they are - till tomorrow night.

In other sports news, Tiger Woods made a charge against leader John Daly at the American Express Championship, finally tying him as Daly missed a 4-footer on the 17th and winning when Daly flubbed a 3-footer on the second playoff hole. It was more exciting than the 'Stros-Braves extra innings, frankly, but you could see the end coming. Woods doesn't do a lot of charging, but he really kept the pressure on Daly today and the big guy's impatience finally got the best of him. Daly never seemed nervous; it seemed more like he just wanted to be done with it one way or the other. Not a winning attitude against Woods, who has the patience of Job. Up to now Woods has generally either led from the first hole to the last or not won at all. If he's going to start coming from behind and winning as well - well, there's not going to be too many tournaments he doesn't win.


Anonymous jimbo said...

Ziel you have to realize that you are reading sports writing from a cricket culture. At least they report some baseball. Where I am (Spain) you never hear a word. That said, I find the international sports reporting rather entertaining. Of course they have to be so dramatic because the only sport that really matters to anyone outside the US is super-boring soccer.

October 11, 2005 5:59 AM  

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