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16 October 2005

Neo-Nazi Parade Goes Well in Toledo

If your a neo-Nazi. If you're Irish, a successful St. Paddy's Day parade involves bagpipes, green beer, and corned beef. But if you're a neo-Nazi, the ideal scenario is for residents of the African-American neighborhood you're marching in to break into a mass of gratuitous desctruction and violence From the CNN story.
Most of the violence happened when residents, who had pelted the Nazi marchers with bottles and rocks, took out their anger on police, said Brian Jagodzinski, chief news photographer for CNN affiliate WTVG...The city's police chief said his officers showed "considerable restraint" after being pelted with rocks and bottles for "considerable hours"...Video showed crowds at around 2:25 p.m. using bats to bring down a wooden fence as looters broke into a small grocery store. Around 3 p.m., crowds of young men pelted the outside of a two-story residence with rocks, smashed out the windows with wooden crates, ran inside and threw out the furniture and lamps from the upper-level windows to the sidewalk below. No police were on the scene. About 10 minutes later, the building's second story was in flames as a crowd of people watched.
The article also noted "It's not clear why the National Socialist Movement chose north Toledo for its march, said [Mayor] Ford, himself African-American." It added "The N[ational]S[ocialist]M[ovement] promotes itself as America's Nazi Party and said that it was protesting black gangs, which it claimed were harassing white residents." The mayor "blamed gang members for the violence, saying it turned into 'exactly what they wanted.'" I guess you have to give the Nazis credit for doing their homework - they obviously knew something the mayor didn't.
UPDATE: It appears the building that was burned down was a Polish bar that was a bit of an institution. Here is an article from the Detroit Free Press with a little more background.


Anonymous jimbo said...

Quite similar (in more ways than I´m sure you would like to admit Ziel)to the Orangemen parades in Belfast (not trying to equate Protestant Irish and Nazis). Guitarist in my band is Catholic and grew up in Belfast and doesn´t have much to say for those old fogies and their stupid parades. Again, it´s a fine line, protecting freedoms. Would they go away if you ignored them?

October 19, 2005 4:55 AM  
Blogger ziel said...

There are similarities for sure. In the last round of Belfast riots, protestant youths nearly burned their own neighborhood to the ground because their Orange Day parade route was restricted!
I think the Nazis would go away if ignored - alternatively, they'd probably also go away if several of them were severely beaten or killed - there were only a relative handful of them and they never even got around to marching! And they didn't even seek a permit - they just gathered in a public place and intended on walking down the sidewalks. The police though could choose not to recognize it - i.e., not send out extra men to protect the "marchers" - that might be effective as well.

October 19, 2005 7:35 PM  
Anonymous Harlem said...

If we're voting, I cast a vote for severe beating but I agree that they would likely go away if ignored.
The reaction in Toledo was the epitomy of counter productivity. The neo-Nazis are claiming superiority and the target of their attention act like uncivilized animals. There may be a few new neo-Nazis in Toledo as a result. One of the main tools of any extremists is to incite and enrage. To the extent the subjects succumb to that, the greater the impact of the extremists. Had everyone ignored the stupid parade, it would have been page 20 news, if news at all.

October 21, 2005 6:49 PM  

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