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04 November 2013

The Coming de Blasio de Bacle

Oh boy.
The Democratic mayoral candidate admitted that he overslept this morning, keeping dozens of supporters, elected officials and reporters waiting more than an hour for a get-out-the-vote rally on the Upper West side that had been scheduled for 11:30 a.m.
Now I fully admit that I'm not a morning person myself, but getting myself out of bed in time for an 11:30 event on the first morning of Standard Time when everyone gets an extra hour is something even I could pull off - and I'm not expecting to run the Financial Capital of the World.

I don't know how NYC operates - what sort of management infrastructure exists and to what extent it's on autopilot. Bloomberg, of course, became a billionaire by building a tech empire where he managed to put a technological stranglehold on the brokerage business, of all places. So it's a fair assumption that he's probably at least a couple sigmas above average in the managerial-skills department. And of course he's notorious as a morning person.

Again, I'm not a morning person myself, but "management" is not exactly my scene, shall we say. And looking at de Blasio - has he ever distinguished himself for running anything? He was Hillary's 2000 Senatorial Campaign manager, and that was a well run campaign. But did he really run it? I'm skeptical because it doesn't seem he was tapped for anything very grandiose after that, instead settling for being on the City Council and then Public Advocate - not real challenging executive positions. Perhaps more disturbing is that he has pretty much been a full-time advocate for the "powerless" and "disenfranchised" and the "voiceless" blah blah blah, and never seems to have given any consideration to what people who actually make the city operate might need to keep functioning.

So what does it actually take to run NYC and does de Blasio have it? My guess is that it's a pretty daunting task to keep that place going in an effective manner, and that de Blasio has no clue how that's done. Things will probably operate on their own pretty well for a year or so, but then things could get ugly pretty quick.