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31 October 2011

Immigration and the Destruction of Community - in the NY Times!!!

The New York Times actually has an article on the sad loss of community when immigration and economic change intersect - specifically, in Santa Ana, California.
Fourth Street — also known as Calle Cuatro — has long been the center of Latino business in Orange County, the place where Mexican immigrants could find nearly anything they might have looked for in their homelands...But as the economy has soured, many of these stores have struggled to stay afloat. Some stores closed, others asked their landlords for a reduction in rent. At the same time, several property owners began pressing to create a group to improve downtown Santa Ana...The owners, who were mostly white, were determined to make it more welcoming to English-speaking clients and bring in customers from more affluent parts of Orange County. What they really wanted to do, opponents said, was scrub away any suggestion that it is an immigrant hub, in a city that is 85 percent Latino.
Oops - not what you expected? Too funny - a major sob-story on how a community is losing its identity to another invading ethnic group - but it's American Citizens who are the enemy, destroying the humble Chicano town. I'd recommend the whole article for a few laughs - here's a taste:
For those who worry about gentrification, Rudy Cordova is seen as a born-and-bred native. For those eager to revitalize the district, he is seen as a brilliant entrepreneur. Mr. Cordova, a 38-year-old son of immigrants, thinks of himself as somewhere in between. His children are learning Spanish, he said, but his son is attending far fewer quinceañeras than he did at his age. He knows today’s teenagers are unlikely to shop in the discount stores along Fourth Street that his parents once favored.[My God could things really be that bad!]
The alternative story - one that has been played out in one community after another as Mexican immigrants have transformed small towns into barrios across the country - is clearly not fit to print.


05 October 2011

No More Cool Stuff

Alas, the great advances we rightfully anticipated in the wake of the wonders of post-war America never really materialized - with the exception of all that cool stuff that Mr. Jobs dreamed up for us. I actually never bought an Apple product, but their mind-blowing coolness never failed to impress. So will a pall of (relative) stagnation now be cast across this sector - the 'cool-stuff' sector - as it has across everything else? Does Jobs's untimely passing forebode an even darker future than we might have expected? I can't think of any one else whose death would have such an impact. Across the globe, Steve Jobs was surely the MVP - most valuable person. Everyone else is replaceable. Edison, Bell, Ford, Einstein, Darwin, Galton - the giants of the 19th and early 20th century - they were all old men when they died, well past their prime. It's like some cruel, cosmic joke that the one genius of our era - the one guy we could count on with a vision that none of us could comprehend and the ability to see those visions thru - should be taken away so casually with many years of his gifts yet to come.