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18 September 2011

Does the Times Editorial Staff Owe Glenn Beck a Collective Apology?

Tumult of Arab Spring Prompts Worries in Washington
While the popular uprisings of the Arab Spring created new opportunities for American diplomacy, the tumult has also presented the United States with challenges — and worst-case scenarios — that would have once been almost unimaginable.
--unless of course you're a ranting lunatic like, say, Glenn Beck --
What if the Palestinians’ quest for recognition of a state at the United Nations, despite American pleas otherwise, lands Israel in the International Criminal Court, fuels deeper resentment of the United States, or touches off a new convulsion of violence in the West Bank and Gaza?
Gee, yeah, what if - but who could have foreseen that?
Crises like the expulsion of Israel’s ambassador in Turkey, the storming of the Israeli Embassy in Cairo and protests outside the one in Amman, Jordan, have compounded a sense of urgency and forced the Obama administration to reassess some of this country’s fundamental assumptions, and to do so on the fly.
Like the fundamental assumption that a stable government, internationally recognized, that has been in power for decades, is presumed to be the legitimate representative of that country? Oh that's right, that assumption was already thrown out the window back in February. Yes, an apology would be appropriate.

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