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21 July 2011

Bronx Charter School Caught Cheating

For skimming, to be precise:
The violations go to the crux of the debate over charters, which are publicly financed but independently operated. Random admissions is a key tenet in most states, but critics have long contended that the schools surreptitiously weed out students who are unlikely to do well on standardized tests or are more difficult to educate.
I'm sure it's pretty easy to find which charter schools are cheating - just look for one's with significantly better test scores than the surrounding schools and you've got your cheaters.

Though that's probably a little unfair - the very fact that attending a charter school requires an involved guardian to do some minimal research is itself a skimming technique. It would be best - for gauging the effectiveness of charter schools - if students were simply randomly assigned to charter schools by the school system, regardless of parental interest. Then we'd know if they can really make a difference.


Anonymous Handle said...

The problem runs deeper than that. Lets say you allow a charter middle school to set up in a large district with 10 public ones, and randomly assign 10% of kids to the charter.

Ok, but not all of them will stay. Some will be removed by disciplinary measure, and some will leave by attrition if they think it's harder to get a passing grade or a diploma at the charter. If they can't leave the school, they might leave the district.

So a charter trying to boost it's average score would have an incentive to be strictly disciplinarian and more academically rigorous than the surrounding public schools (which, actually, is exactly what a lot of parents like myself want).

The only way to control for that would be to make another rule that the grades, graduation, and discipline policy matches that of the public schools exactly.

At that point it defeats the whole purpose - which is variance and choice. It's not a "charter school", it's just a "regulated utility", which is identical to a public school in all but name.

July 22, 2011 9:16 AM  
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I think that the reforms in those institutions have to be others, specially if we-re talking about a public school, I think that Government should change rules.

October 31, 2011 9:20 AM  
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It's a good thing that they caught them in time.

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