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21 May 2011

I Bet He's Articulate, Too

The CNN headline assures us that Judge in Casey Anthony case seen as sharp, respected and in command. I'm sure you've already guessed the backstory there, so I'll confirm your suspicions so you don't have to bother clicking thru if you don't feel like bothering.

04 May 2011

Republicans are Useless

A useless political party. From the AP (via Drudge):
Boehner: US should not back away from Pakistan. WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration was investigating whether Pakistan knew Osama bin Laden was hiding deep inside the country as House Speaker John Boehner and top lawmakers insisted the U.S. maintain close ties with the sometimes reluctant ally in the war on terror. The killing of Osama bin Laden at a compound just miles from Islamabad prompted furious questions about whether Pakistan was complicit in protecting the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks...Amid the harsh criticism of Pakistan, Boehner and others said this was not the time to back away from Pakistan. "I think we need more engagement, not less," he said. "Al-Qaida and other extremist groups have made Pakistan a target. ... Having a robust partnership with Pakistan is critical to breaking the back of al-Qaida and the rest of them."
Because that is what we've had with Pakistan, a "robust partnership." Ass.

And what have the Republicans been demanding while Obama was bending to the will of Samantha Power and making war on Libya? Pointing out the folly of having our magnificent war machine being placed in the hands of a 40-year old Irish human rights activist? No, demanding more bombs. Idiots.