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25 August 2010

Questions About the Ground Zero Mosque

I've had some questions about the GZM that never seem to get answered, with its supporters in the media too busy reveling in their own sanctimony while denigrating the sub-human intolerance of its opponents; and with said opponents preoccupied with focusing their anger in a direction that does not reveal them to be sub-human bigots.

Basically I was wondering why was this particular site chosen? Was it mere coincidence - i.e., did its sponsors just happen on this site, sort of right place/right time, or did they actively seek out a site at this location? And just what is this Cordoba Initiative that is supposedly this moderate, pro-American organization behind it?

Well, I looked up the group's website, and found this FAQ. Now this is obviously not an independent source, but I found their story quite plausible - i.e., the choice of building on that site was driven mainly by the availability of a property owned by a member of the Imam's congregation. Nor am I impressed by the various "gotcha" quotes that have been dug up to prove the Imam is a radical Muslim - the quotes, even out of context, seem like an argument anyone not in support of our various interventions in Muslim lands or not 100% in support of Israel's Palestinian policies. So I don't think it's out-of-the-question that citing this mosque or whatever at this location had a benign intent.

But there's one question that really can't be answered, though its answer is rather critical: When the mosque/community center is completed, how will the Muslim world view it? As a monument to inter-religious tolerance and the transcendent beauty of the Bill of Rights? Or as a monument to a grand victory for Islam as it establishes a deep foothold in the world's greatest infidel nation?

Put another way, will Muslims say to each other "What a wonderful country America is, that they would tolerate our religion and allow us to build such a beautiful Islamic center, and so close to the location of Islam's most shameful act. We humbly tender our gratitude to a great and generous people." Or will they say "What a glorious triumph for Islam, to erect such a beautiful structure in praise of Allah and his magnificence in this foreign and distant land, and so near to where our martyred brothers struck at the infidels' heart."


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