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21 March 2007

The Fred Thompson Juggernaut

The Draft Fred Thompson movement appears to be an unstoppable force. My previous attempt to pour cold water on the idea has met with surprisingly little response. Mickey Kaus tries to help his Republican friends by pointing out that Fred hasn't really done anything to make anyone think he'd be a good president.

His position on immigration is not real clear, but he appears to be better than McCain (not hard), but basically takes the we-need-cheap-foreign-labor with a dose of border-control toughness approach. His aggressive assertions that Saddam had a scary nuclear program is of concern. He didn't just back up the president, he expressed absolute certainty that Saddam was a menace, which suggests to me a dangerously uncritical mind.

An example of the kind of facile analysis we could expect from a President Thompson is this nugget of wisdom being touted all over the dopey-con blogosphere: "The CIA has better politicians than it has spies." What is that supposed to mean? Wasn't it the politicians who got in the way of the CIA analysts and monkeyed-up the intelligence? And then there's his support for Scooter Libby, which suggests a cronyism that I'd rather not have in a president. It doesn't speak well for the Republican field that so many feel it's necessary to draft such a man into the race.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the old saying goes - this guy has as much chance of being president as a one legged man has of winning an ass-kicking contest.

March 21, 2007 12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I take that back. After all, Heather Mills is on "Dancing With The Stars"

March 21, 2007 12:28 PM  

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