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13 March 2007

Latin America Hates Us

But why? What have we done to Latin America lately? Hell, back in the 80's, we were funding right-wing death squads and overthowing governments to counteract Soviet influence. But nowadays we keep our hands off. There are leftist governments sprouting everywhere, and at most we utter a little tut-tut now and then. Meanwhile we have free trade agreements which basically shift jobs from the U.S. to the south, but the continent is in an uproar as if these agreements don't help them. Not to mention about 20 million Latin American immigrants.

So what does this tell us? We cannot please these people by leaving them alone - we cannot please them at all. Attempting to get on their good side by providing massive U.S. aid may work for a little while, but then they'll just ask for more. No, unfortunately what this means is that the rest of the Western hemisphere, like the rest of the world, is mostly made up of shitheads who are not worth our time and effort to placate. What about the suffering people in Darfur? It would be nice if we could magically send over a fleet of C-5 transports to feed the starving people in Darfur. But they're starving because other people around there want them to starve. And if the starving people had the upper hand, the situation would be reversed.

What we have in America is a nice isolated region of the world consisting of mainly civilized people operating under a set of agreed upon rules that allow us to live a generally peaceful, fulfilled, and long life if we want it. There are a few other regions like this - Western Europe, Australia, Canada. Our only hope to keep this going is to keep from getting involved in the lunacy in the rest of the world, and keeping the lunacy of the rest of the world from us. Unfortunately, our leadership seems intent on ruining this.


Anonymous gcochran said...

Everyone hates us, not just Latin America. You could look it up.

March 14, 2007 11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They hate us? Well, I hate them, every last one of them. Latin America and the rest of the world are a bunch of spoiled brats and whiners led by lunatics, murderers and thieves. When the US sends aid, money, investment and help, etc... they complain we are meddling and throwing our weight around. If we do nothing we are uncaring, rich bastards who let poor people suffer and starve for no reason. Remember that bullshit about the US military being at fault for not stopping the Iraqis looting and destroying their own museums and libraries? I can only imagine if we had shot looters. Just yesterday, I read that the US has to do more for Mexico. Well, millions of them already live in my home so to speak. What else should we do? You guessed it, they want more of whatever strikes their fancy on a particular day.

The worst part of it all is that while I expect this kind of behavior from Mexicans, Sudanese, Iraqis or whatever fuck ups populate the rest of the world and have grown accustomed to their pathetic cries for money or hugs, we have our supposed leaders catering to them and actively working on a daily basis to destroy America and make it like some 3rd world garbage heap. I am of course referring to your post about the traitors Kennedy and Kerry, two individuals who should placed in the stocks on Boston Common when they are not breaking rocks while wearing leg irons.
After those two and the rest of the sellouts who undermine ot nation our rotting in jail or hung, let's start acting the way we are always accused of acting as a nation. I say we become a brutal, exploitative power that we are always accused of being. When there is a natural disaster in Asia, we'll have lobster and prime rib feasts in Washington DC, but inform those nations and the UN that regretablly we gave all our food aid to our cattle, so we can't send any help. Arrest and deport all illegals in cattle cars back to Mexico with no food or water. Build a wall and shoot anyone who gets within 100 yards of it. Issue our soldiers rusty pliers in Iraq and shoot anybody who gives us any trouble. Then turn Iran into a smoking ruin. If we want something like oil or whatever, we'll just take it at gunpoint or after the bombs stop falling. Grabs assholes like Chavez for real, torture and kill him after a show trial and machine gun any protestors like the French did in the Ivory Coast last year. If any Americans get so much as a paper cut on vacation, send in the Marines so they can get some target practice. The USSR got away with this kind of stuff for years and the NY Times didn't mind at all and neither did Le Monde (but if the 7th Fleet doesn't show up 5 minutes after a tsunami, the UN accuses us of being stingy). China behaves like the brutal nation it is now and its business as usual for the world (when they are not shooting Tibetans, the PRC is busy intimidating Taiwan or exploiting Africans). Then after a year or so of this tough love we'll see if anyone has any complaints.
America is held to the highest standard of all, we must be perfect at all times and eveything to everyone: a mom, a dad, a cash machine, therapist, paramedic, nanny, the police, Santa Claus or whatever some whiners in Guatemala or Indonesia want whenever they pick up the phone. We are hurting our own people to provide benefits for ungrateful, parasitical foreigners and illegal criminals. It is unprecedented in history.

March 14, 2007 11:46 AM  
Blogger Black Sea said...

The following observations were copied from a review of the book "Anti-Americanism" by the French author Jean-Francois Revel. When the review's author speaks of "cultists" in the first sentence, he is referring to adherents of the "cult" of anti-Americanism:

Without a doubt, however, the defining trait of the cultists is their moral (if not physical) cowardice. While using Latin Americans as an examplar of this quality, Revel quotes the Venezuelan writer Carlos Rangel:

"For Latin Americans, it is an unbearable thought that a handful of Anglo-Saxons, arriving much later than the Spanish and in such a harsh climate that they barely survived the first few winters, would become the foremost power in the world. It would require an inconceivable effort of collective self-analysis for Latin Americans to face up to the fundamental causes of this disparity. This is why, though aware of the falsity of what they are saying, every Latin American politician and intellectual must repeat that all our troubles stem from North American imperialism."

In fact, the Latins are hardly unique in cowering tremulously at the prospect of "collective self-analysis": with minor changes in specifics, Rangel's fundamental point could apply equally well to most of Africa, the Slavic societies of Eastern Europe, the nations of the South Asian sub-continent, and last (but definitely not least) the benighted Arab world, which has repeatedly shown itself to be the global champion of finger-pointing and denial (as if that could make up for its glaring backwardness in virtually every other respect).

(end of quotation)

This review, published in Asia Times, is well worth reading in full and may be accessed at the following address:

March 14, 2007 12:12 PM  
Anonymous gcochran said...

World opinion - even in traditional allies such as Canada, the UK, and Australia - has turned against the US _recently_. We're now liked about as much as North Korea, just above Israel and Iran at the bottom.

March 14, 2007 12:40 PM  
Blogger ziel said...

The opinion poll that Greg alludes to is here:

"worldviews of the United States continue to worsen, with most countries having a largely negative view of the US. Across all 27 countries polled (excluding the US self-evaluation), half (51%) now say the US is playing a mainly negative role in the world. However, among the countries that on average are viewed negatively, the US has the largest percentage—30 percent—saying it has a positive influence."

I don't think it's a great measure of "hate." The question they ask is whether a given country is a positive or negative influence in the world. Germans answered 74 to 16 negative. I don't think that measures hate, but a strong disagreement with our foreign policy and our refusal to play ball on global warming. Muslim countries are pretty negative, but India, for example, is fairly neutral, while Nigeria and Kenya are very positive.

No doubt many view our invasion of Iraq as worrisome, and Guantanamo is a big stain that hardly seems worth the bad blood. But I thought this was telling: "And Indonesia plunged 19 points—from 40 percent to 21 percent positive—perhaps due to the waning of the positive effect of the American aid to Indonesian tsunami victims."

March 14, 2007 7:06 PM  
Anonymous jim said...

fuck 'em & feed 'em fish heads.
stupid wetbacks come into my place of business and get all pissy because i no habla espanol. fuck them. i speak a bit...but not enough to survive as a non english speaker. go to their sorry-ass country and see how much anyone gives a shit when you expect them to be able to speak english. if we did nothing more than recipocate the immigration laws in mexico then maybe the corrupt scumbags might start to figure things out. they are just as bad or worse than the incurably corrupt arabs. OUR military goes anywhere near the border and it's a racist international insult...meanwhile theirs helps all the peons and pregnant sluts accross the border to suck more money out of our system. hows that nafta working for you ?
what a crock of shit

March 14, 2008 7:06 PM  

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