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30 September 2005

Temporarily Out of Service

I'll be out of commission for about a day and a half, but I'll be back bloggin' up a frenzy. I'll leave you with this e-mail on the Hurricane Katrina "exaggerated stories" meme. I haven't had time to read the article in the link, but it's a good site, so I'll take the risk that it stands on its own:
I did a little math on the “exaggerated” stories meme: I calculate based on Times’ own facts 50-60 murders.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

feel better ziel

October 04, 2005 9:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I'm going to say about this is that I don't think we'll ever have a legitimate body count as bodies may have washed away, be at the bottom of Lake Ponchatrain or gone into the Big Muddy (Mississippi River) and may never be recovered. Many of those who died may never be sought after as they are bums, transients, drunks (the basic New Orleans population) but it doesn't mean they didn't die.

October 07, 2005 7:48 PM  

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