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28 September 2005

Here's One Katrina Rumor That Is Preposterous

I hadn't heard this one before until I read this unintentionally hilarious Cynthia McKinney article in Counterpunch. "As dead bodies lay strewn about the New Orleans Superdome, military recruiters blew into Houston's Astrodome to reap the harvest" says McKinney. And what a bountiful harvest that must have been! In reality, these alleged recruiters would have been like Diogenes walking about with a lantern asking "Is anyone here an honest man?", except they would have been asking "Can anyone here score in the top 70 percent of the Armed Forces Qualification Test?" Given what we know of demographics and what inferences we could make about the refugees in the Astrodome in particular, we can imagine any such recruiters, real or imagined, were pretty much wasting their time.


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