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26 August 2010

A Must Read

Via the ParaPundit, I found this essay by Ayaan Hirsi Ali most compelling.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I read it.

Local muslims in my area have (my opinion) staged some crimes against themselves in an effort to be framed as "victims".

Look at how biased the coverage is in the local media (to what is almost certainly a staged-fake-hate-crime):

Michelle Malkin has detailed some previous "faux Muslim hate crimes" here:

Nashville has already had one phony staged Muslim hate crime in town, as described here***:

****The reason I imediately suspected that crime was a hoax on the part of the muslims was that a meeting was called within a day or two after the "crime" had taken place, and the city's leftist establishment all just happened to be available to attend. The local lefty priests, unitarians, and rabbis were all there to denounce bad white people. It was all to convienient, just like the candlelight "vigil" that got so quickly organized after this latest "crime". This one could, admittedly be true, but I doubt it---a faux hate crime would fit the pattern the muslims have established in other places. Murfreesboro is a very very all-American kind of place. The people there are truly disgusted that a mosque is being built despite a probable 99% opposition outside some loony college students.

Its dispiriting.

August 31, 2010 8:26 PM  

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