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23 July 2009

What Kind of Profiling Was This?

Dope profiling. I recall reading a couple years back about some dope who got himself arrested outside of a Circuit City because he decided he would make a stand for libertarian principles (or maybe has was just in a bad mood). The short of it is he refused to consent to his bag being checked by the security guy(nothing was stolen), who proceeded to block his exit and call the police, whereupon the dope refused to show his license to a cop, who proceeded to place him under arrest. As a result, every person involved, along with the dope's family, were enormously inconvenienced. Yes, I understand the principles he was arguing for - but he's a dope for trying to fight them out in the street and annoying people who have jobs to do which don't involve hearing out some Lockean theory. He might have gotten a mention from Instapundit, but his story went nowhere - who's interested in some white guy whining about being arrested for not wanting to show a police officer his ID? If you'd like the excruciatingly long version, here's the story from the horse's mouth. Unfortunately, Mr. Righi is not a particularly prolific blogger so we can't get his perspective on the current controversy.

That would be the situation involving Professor Gates. At least here, though, the professor stands to gain way more out of his shrill grandstanding than a blogpost. He's gotten the President of the United States to take his side in a nationally televised press conference. How it pains me to write those words - what a joke of a nation we have become, that this race-mongering, petulant horse's ass is our president. Particularly having come after another petty man in the job before him, and the sexual predator before him, and the impulsive, unstable geezer he ran against. At least there's one dignified man in all this, shaming the lot o' them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its too bad the police cruiser's video recorder didn't get the incident taped.

July 24, 2009 10:02 AM  
Blogger ziel said...

Yeah, to the tune of 'Bad boys bad boys...'

July 24, 2009 10:09 AM  

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