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15 July 2009

Supreme Court Nominees

Samuel Alito at his hearing:
I am a very sensitive jurist who will use his life experiences in deciding cases. Should I hear a discrimination case, I will rely heavily on the fact that my ancestors were Italian and they faced the most brutal, dehumanizing prejudice anywhere ever and remember that when formulating my opinion.

Sonia Sotomayor:
I am a very conservative jurist who will base her decisions purely on the law and the facts. When I said that a "wise Latina" would render better decisions than a white male, I was clearly saying that a judge must ignore her own personal feelings and must use her life experiences to eliminate any lingering prejudices she may have.

It's a funny ritual - the President nominates someone who (he hopes) shares his vision of the judiciary's role, but when it comes time for the hearing that vision suddenly becomes so toxic the nominee is forced to disingenuously disavow any fidelity to that vision. But of course once on the court the justice may pursue any vision he or she sees fit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just think Z, we will probably be putting on the Supreme Court shortly a woman who openly dislikes white men (and by extension white women who give birth to future white men).

We have come a long way. David Souter and Steven Breyer aren't nearly as proud of being white as this chick is of being a latina, despite the gigantic contributions of whites vs. the dearth of contributions of hispanics. If, heaven forbid, Obama got to replace 3-4 Supreme court justices over the next 7 years (I hope not), I'd be suprised if one single white male would be nominated unless he a was a man far to the left of Fredrich Engles.

Diversity is our strength.

July 16, 2009 7:39 AM  
Blogger erob said...

Really? Friedrich Engle? Would "Karl Marx" have disrupted the flow of your prose?

Seriously though, wouldn't the country be a lot better off if the media crucified the politicians, judges, etc. who avoid questions as opposed to answering truthfully?

July 16, 2009 7:50 PM  

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