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21 December 2005

Katrina: The Scandal That Wasn't

I'm talking about the alleged MSM 'exaggerations' and 'distortions.' On NPR this morning (I'll provide a link later when it's available - Update: link now available) there was a story on how independent groups have been collecting rape reports months after the tragedy. Despite zero publicity, 42 rape reports have been compiled, most of them gang or stranger-rapes, which are very unusual crimes (in normal circumstances, New Orleans averages a rape every other day). Steve Sailer has more (though he didn't find a link either he has it now with extended excerpts).

Those who go on about the MSM's distortions tend to be constructing MSM strawmen. I monitored the news pretty closely and didn't hear anything that sounded, even in hindsight, to have been sensational. There was one report of a young girl gang-raped and murdered in the Superdome. The reporter talked to people claiming to be eye-witnesses. One woman who described the scene gave her name and the reporter included it in the article, and others corroborated it. So the news organization is supposed to bury this story, because the police say they haven't heard anything about it, in the midst of absolute chaos in one of the country's worst natural disasters? Now that would be a frightening prospect - the news media only reporting on stories that have official collaboration.


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