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16 December 2005

Understatement of the Year Award

Well, he got it in just under the gun, but film critic Chris Knight of the National Post has pocketed the coveted Your Lying Eyes Understatement of the Year Award. In a review of Brokeback Mountain, the film about a pair of improbable homosexual lovers, he states, without even a hint of irony:
The subject matter hasn't hurt the film among critics
Yes, shocking isn't it that film critics didn't reject the film out of hand - particularly given what a stodgy, straight-laced, majority-culture-oriented, resistant-to-self-conscious-breaking-of-social-taboos lot they are.

Update: The inestimable C. Van Carter provides a refreshingly contrarian take.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this an understatement or a genius for stating the obvious? It's akin to someone writing "The participants at the Irish-American VFW golf outing were not opposed to having a keg of beer stationed at every third hole."

December 17, 2005 11:34 AM  
Anonymous Cal said...

I think I´d rather sit through 2 hours of Brokeback Mtn. or Syriana for that matter than another 2 minutes of reading yours and your not-so-refreshingly but inestimably homophobic friends blog-on with your boring antigay fantasies. Why don´t you all step out of the closet for a night and then report back on what you find.

December 19, 2005 2:50 PM  
Blogger ziel said...

boring antigay fantasies
Boring - perhaps.
Anti-gay? Not sure what I wrote that was anti-gay. I was merely making the point that any notion that a gay romance would be greeted hostilely by movie critics is preposterous.
Fantasies? What fantasies?

December 20, 2005 7:04 PM  
Anonymous cal said...

Okay, okay, so I get a little sensitive sometimes. By the way, I thought Elton looked better at his wedding than he has in a while, don´t you?

December 21, 2005 4:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares what Elton John looked like?

December 21, 2005 6:21 PM  
Blogger ziel said...

Elton managed to get thru the 80's without succumbing to AIDS - I'm guessing his life-style is probably more on the conservative side.

December 22, 2005 7:56 AM  
Anonymous scifigeek said...

Actually, the fact that Decent Films and some of the less conservative Christian movie reviewing sites gave it good 'moviemaking' ratings (while panning it morally, of course) makes me suspect it may actually be a good movie on artistic merits. I'm still not going to see it, living in the NE I never felt the romance of the cowboy and gay cowboys just leave me behind. Er, ahead. Whatever.

January 07, 2006 9:10 AM  

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