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30 June 2005

Man Bites Dog in NYC

Someone is attacked with a baseball bat, is hospitalized but conscious, and this is international news? It is if the assailant is white and the victim is black. Every 18 years or so we must endure the ritual of outrage over the odd white-on-black beating in Howard Beach, Queens. It seems this time the young black men were in Howard Beach to steal a car for which they were pre-paid $6,000. So this thug sees some black kids in the neighborhood, chases them and beats one good with a baseball bat. But he really screwed up - someone in his neighborhood was arranging to have his car stolen and this local Neanderthal decides to play turf war. In Howard Beach, you don't mess up people's financial arrangements.


Anonymous Ed Kranepool said...

As I understand it, the assailant was thinking of STEVE SAILER when he was wacking away becauce he is tired of hearing him quoted/linked in this otherwise thought provoking, entertaining blog.
But that's just what I heard.
Ed Kranepool

July 01, 2005 9:15 PM  

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