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28 June 2012

Roberts Says Health Care Law OK

This was a smart and prudent thing for the Chief Justice to do. Healthcare in this country is a mess and while this law also is a mess and was passed under shady circumstances - in the waning days of a lame duck congress bypassing normal Senate rules - Congress should have wide discretion in tackling the problem. The individual mandate does not impose a disproportionate penalty on those who forgo healthcare coverage.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

July 01, 2012 12:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are retarded. One day you will be fist-fucked with your words,but by the time you realize Obama has bought a legal precedent that enables him to force you to buy things he wants you to buy, in other words to seize your private property as something other than remuneration for a crime you have been convicted of, you will be balls deep in shit preparing to be eviscerated anally with a congress-shaped red hot poker.

It's your ass, not mine. I'm one of the people who are supposed to be getting your money from this deal.I get free healthcare and you get to pay an additional 1500 dollars a month so I don't have to get a job.

Anyway,have fun being a moron. After you idiots pay to get me completely healthy, I'm splitting to another country. I would just get health care in my new country, but chances are they've already had shitty socialized medicine for decades and I wouldn't be able to get a new lung or liver or cancer treatments over there that were worth a shit.

Thanks,morons. Keep voting for people whose idea of a wild weekend is jerking off to pictures of Mao Tse Tung with their terrorist buddies.Keep applauding government usurpation of powers not delegated to them by the Constitution. Pretty soon I bet even Yakov Smirnov will be fondly reminiscing over dim memories of the utopia of human rights bird-dogging and government transparency he witnessed "in Soviet Russia".

You are all going to fucking die. You're terminally fucking stupid.

July 03, 2012 10:26 AM  
Blogger ziel said...

OK, so you don't agree?

July 03, 2012 9:19 PM  
Blogger gcochran said...

Ziel, I think he's conflicted

July 06, 2012 1:18 AM  
Blogger ziel said...

well I'm sure I feel that strongly about some things too but, you know, you gotta pick your battles.

July 06, 2012 4:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alright anonymous- Ziel is terminally fucking stupid? Way to go. I see the Toast Masters' training has improved your delivery.

July 25, 2012 11:19 PM  

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