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02 April 2012

OK So It's Not a Tax

It seems clear from the SCOTUS arguments that the "individual mandate" is not a "tax". So therefore it is a mandate - meaning the federal government is indeed requiring U.S. citizens to do something. This is, outside of conscription, wholly unprecedented. And since our recent experience with precedent is that it will inevitably lead to extreme policies, then it must be nullified.

There simply is no basis for exempting this particular mandate from any other mandate that congress may in the future dream up. How about requiring everyone to to go to college? Or get a physical every year? Or attend a Diversity Training course? Why not? What could possibly stop Congress from mandating such activities? Nothing. Only the understood constitutional limit on federal power that forbids Congress from requiring people to do anything other than pay taxes, serve on juries and join the army prevents it. If we lift that last constraint, there will be no limit to Congress's intrusion into our lives.

Let's hope Justice Kennedy remains steadfast in the face of Comrade Obama's Stalinist admonishments.

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