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24 March 2010

The Mideast Peace Process

We still seem to be stuck in that old Cold War paradigm where every other country's problems are our own, and that we must kiss their asses before they'll let us in the door to help. We did that of course because we battling the Soviets for influence. Influence still has some merit, but its hardly much of a battle anymore, and we have very little to gain.

So how is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict our problem? Obama seemed to be getting tough on the settlements, but we still sound like we're whining about it. Obama, in his meetings with Bebe, let him know very clearly that peace is not our problem, that we have our own troubles and we'll gladly disengage if neither side shows much interest. And if Israel is not interested, perhaps they could start buying their own weapons at market prices (that last is a hoot - if Obama could pull that off I might not even think he sucks afterall!).


Blogger Black Sea said...

Well, exactly. If in fact Obama conveyed this message to Netanyahu, then I'll have to give him significant props.

I realize that diplomatic protocols exist for a reason, but just once I'd love to see someone in high office simply blurt out the following: the prospects for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians are viritually nil, short of one side ethnically cleansing the other, and we've wasted far too much money, time, and effort in frutless attempts to reconcile the ambitions of two groups of people who clearly aren't interested in reconciling with each other. Until and unless we see sustained evidence that that situation has changed, on both sides, we're just going to stay the hell out if it.

March 25, 2010 12:58 AM  
Anonymous Martin B said...

If there were an Ambrose Bierce alive today, the Devil's Dictionary entry for "Peace Process" would be:

"Peace Process", definition: War

And when did everything become a "process", anyway? We used to grieve - now we go through "the grieving process". We used to engage in politics - now we take part in "the political process". We used to seek justice - now we submit ourselves to "the judicial process". The process has become all important - the thing underlying it, irrelevant

March 25, 2010 8:43 AM  

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