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28 May 2008

McClellan: Bush Wanted War

Scott McClellan's new book may well clear up the Great Mystery of why we went into Iraq. He appears to be backing up the theory that I have subscribed to, that it was Bush's grand, legacy-building strategy for the MidEast. According to the AP, McClellan asserts that in Iraq...Bush saw "his opportunity to create a legacy of greatness," something McClellan said Bush has said he believes is only available to wartime presidents. There's a lot more like that in the article, which is worth a read.

No, it was not about oil - nobody actually making money from oil supported it. Part of it might have been just a severe over-reaction to 9/11, lashing out at Saddam as the most unsympathetic target available, but there were certainly more effective tactics we could have taken to send an anti-terrorist message. Bush believed he could avenge his father's 'humiliation' at getting kicked out of office while Saddam continued to thumb his nose at our no-fly-zones and arms inspectors while building for himself a reputation as a great 'wartime president' whose bold efforts transformed the world. In sum, half-a-trillion dollars have been vaporized, 4,000 American lives lost, tens of thousands of Iraqi's killed, countless new terrorist recruits, and the loss of America's good will throughout the world: for one man's vanity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is just another version of Richard Clarke. Didn't he say anything at the time? Of course not. But since Bush is unpopular and it is time for a good book deal, why not? McClellan didn't speak up because he:
1. Thought Bush was right
2. Was afraid to say anything
3. Didn't care one way or another

May 29, 2008 9:43 AM  

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