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23 May 2008

Don't Mention the Assassination

The public rules of political engagement are awfully complicated - who can possibly figure it out? Now Hillary is in hot water for violating yet another hitherto unknown taboo. In explaining why she will fight on, she said: My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don’t understand it." I don't understand it either. What's the problem?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It implies that Hillary is saying Obama could get assasinated. Surely it was unintentional, but it didn't come off too well.

You're kidding, right?

May 23, 2008 9:45 PM  
Blogger Glaivester said...

Uh - the obvious interpretation is "I still have a shot at the nomination. Obama might die." Not a very tactful thing to say.

May 23, 2008 10:25 PM  
Blogger ziel said...

Ok, I have to admit I tend to score in the Asperger's range in personality tests, so I guess that's why the last thing that entered my mind was that suggestion. To me, the California primary represented Bobby's triumphant victory putting him clearly in play for the nomination which was out of reach without that victory. HHH had it sewn up otherwise (as events would prove out). I'm sure Hillary was thinking along similar lines - herself as Bobby, not Obama.

May 24, 2008 12:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ziel, I completely agree with your comment.

But from your post's title, I thought you were being sarcastic and supported the idea that Hillary thought Obama could be assassinated.

The criticism Hillary is getting for her innocuous remark is ridiculous. But she has said some terrible things about conservatives, so I don't feel too sorry for her right now.

May 24, 2008 12:27 PM  
Blogger C. Van Carter said...

Anyone who says 'Oh-BOMB-UH' putting too much emphasis on the middle syllable is sending out the subliminal message that someone should blow Barry up.

May 24, 2008 10:08 PM  

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