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09 April 2008

Wild Doin's up in Massachusetts

Big controversy up in MA between...well, let's let the Boston Globe explain it:
The Massachusetts Municipal Association severed ties yesterday with the Anti-Defamation League's embattled No Place For Hate program, reigniting a debate that had gone quiet recently over the ADL's position on the..."
What? What could it be? What could this burning controversy be that would embroil the municipalities of one of our founding states and a militant Jewish organization? Well what else...
"on the World War I-era Armenian genocide."
Boy, life must be awfully good up in Massachusetts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are lots of Armenians around Boston...

April 09, 2008 11:45 PM  
Blogger ziel said...

Yes, yes, alas, quite true.

April 10, 2008 10:43 PM  

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