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21 May 2007


The immigration debacle is getting me nuts, so I need to give myself a little breather and review some other stories in the news.

Whales Continue to be Confused
A mother humpback whale and her calf have turned back again towards Sacramento after making some good progress towards the sea. Despite their much vaunted navigational skills, whales don't seem much better than me at finding their way around once they've strayed from the familiar route. Even if they can get back on the right track, they still have to cross beneath several bridges, which are apparently puzzling obstacles for the cetaceans to navigate through. But it's futile to get too emotionally invested in their ordeal, since the stress will undoubtedly weaken them, which means that the calf is almost certain to be torn to shreds by killer whales once they reach the open water, as anyone who watches the Discovery Channel must certainly know.

Man Charged in Braun Mugging
According to the Chicago Tribune: A South Side man was charged Sunday with attacking former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun in April after she identified him in a lineup, Chicago police said. Which is odd, since usually the mugging comes first, then the lineup, but I guess they do things a little differently in the Windy City.

A Little Multi-Culti Tension up at Harvard
Lubos Motl provides the you-are-there commentary in his endearing Czech-inflected prose.

Leaders in Feud
In Nigeria, where the feuding is a bit more colorful than the pathetic little cat fight between Bush and Carter, the President and Vice-President are locked in a nasty war of words after the recent contested election. It's a little complicated, but from what I can tell the President is accusing the Vice-President of consulting occult advisers (marabouts) who have predicted the President's early death. The Vice President countered that "unlike [President] Obasanjo who uses Christianity as a smokescreen while engaged in occultism and diabolical acts, I am a devout Muslim who has always striven to live in accordance with the teachings of Islam." Now isn't that a lot more fun than the "You're the worst President ever" and "Yeah well you're irrelevant" silliness that poses as a feud here?


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