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30 April 2007

Let the Sobbing Continue

For liberal America, the New Bedford immigration raid is the gift that keeps on giving. You'd think a 6-week old federal law enforcement action in Massachusetts would be old news by now, but the New York Times can't get enough of it. This one focuses on a husband - and illegal immigrant himself - of a woman who was deported after the raid, and father of two children, one born in Honduras and one in Texas and thus an American citizen. For humanitarian reasons, the husband was allowed to remain here to care for the children and stir up trouble. Hopefully, the wife is telling her sob story all over Honduras right now, discouraging others from coming up. Ironically, it appears that it's America's law and order that attracted the couple to sneak in here illegally.
Mr. Mancía said he and his wife had decided to leave their home in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, for their safety, because criminal gangs used the streets as a combat zone. Ms. Amaya’s sister was on a public bus returning from Christmas shopping on Dec. 23, 2004, when gang gunmen shot it up, killing her and 27 other passengers, he said.
Well why don't we just let in the entire country of Honduras then - everyone, of course, but those bad men who shot up the bus, at least all the cute little families. What harm could they do, anyway? At least until Mr. Mancia's grandkids start shooting up buses here because they're still working in factories for $7.50 an hour.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

.......ever notice the people who love immigration the most tend to be the ones who HATE America the most?

The NYT and their editors dont give a rat's about KNOWING these people personally, they are just thrilled they are damaging the wages of white-bread Americans whose birthrates the Times would so love to destroy.

That last article by Linda Hirshman, who complains about ANY women staying home with their children and not working is obviously still rubbing me raw. The bitch actually called for a "pregnancy strike" of sorts to force America to come up with whatever laws she wants passed in regards to women working. I say she despises regular American people (like midwesterners) and just wants less of them to be born. If this means importing a new populace, so be it. I wish regular Janes and Joes out there really understood that liberal love of third worlders is actually liberal hatred of the "normal" churchgoing family next door with two kids, two cars, a 401K, and a mortgage. They want to make it hard/impossible for them to have that second kid. Im not fooled by the cultural left at all. Never was.

May 01, 2007 2:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have the fucking illegals stay at the Kennedy compund. Not too far from New Bedford. Maybe there is space at Kerry's place in Boston too. The NYT has become a major mouthpiece that is pushing for the destruction of America. But hey, as long as the editors can get fresh ceviche, who cares! Fuck every last one of them.
Londa Hirshman can't stand the idea that a woman my want to stay home with her kids. God Forbid! She and her ilk realize that if kids aren't in daycare or the Communist, white-hating, PC public schools, then they have no power over them. Hirshman is lowlife of the first order. (If you are a stay at home mom or home school, I bet you go to church and own guns you pig!) I can't wait for her beloved 3rd worlders to get hold of her, especially the muslims. Her screams would be music to my ears, but I'll probably be dead then along with the rest of you.

May 08, 2007 2:48 PM  
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