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02 June 2005

Obesity Epidemic in West Virginny!

Anybody who's spent any time in W.VA is not going to be surprised that the state ranks #3 in obesity. Actually, I was surprised that it didn't rank first. But this article is about some weenie CDC study of the problem where they ask supermarkets about the availability of "fresh fruit."
West Virginia has always been a very poor state, and hunger was a constant problem (WVA being in the heart of Appalachia) - some deluded folks still think it's a problem.
But now food is abundant everywhere in America - or at least calories are abundant. Groups of people who have lived generations in want and are suddenly thrust into an environment of surplus food often suffer from obesity problems. Some claim it's genetic and have dubbed its cause the "thrifty gene". It's not unlikely this could be happening in West Virginia.


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