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03 October 2008

Palin's Biggest Disadvantage

Sarah Palin, let's not forget, not only has to get up to speed on national issues in which she's had heretofore little interest. She also has to defend John McCain's policies. Let's review:

  • Despite widespread incompetence and malfeasance in managing the nation's assets, wealthy Americans are still entitled to lower taxes than they were paying a decade ago.
  • We need to continue to fight in Iraq - a senseless war to begin with - until we "win", a term which can't be defined.
  • The right health care policy is obviously to decimate the current employer-based group healthcare system and let everyone go out and buy individual coverage on their own.

Not to mention Republicans' general anti-regulation approach which in the current crisis does not look so wise, even though "more regulation" would have had any effect - you need smart, limited, and tough regulation. She was fortunate that trade was barely brought up, then she would have had to defend McCain's ostrich-like trade policies, as well.

So in light of her having to defend these politically indefensible positions, her performance last night looks even more impressive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something definitely is going to have to be done about the health care employers increasingly dont offer anything, expecting families to come up with the hundreds or even thousand or so to month to buy medical insurance isn't going to cut it--and the Dems will no doubt be taking advantage of this at some point. People who make nine bucks an hour really cannot afford health insurance for their two kids and themselves and child care, and to live in a decent area. The Dems will offer them basic insurance paid for by people who live in McMansions, what will the Repubs offer? A little tax break that amounts to five hundred bucks a year? This isn't a winning strategy long term.

If it wasn't for the war/terrorism angle, how would Bush be viewed? Think about that. What 'else' has he done other than preside over a deleterious decline in this nation economically and demographically and even culturally?

If it wasn't for the religious right, whose preachers get more and more whacko by the day as they attempt to persuade (intimidate really) their followers to vote Republican in order for Jesus to come back (I have a bunch of these in my own family, I get to hear their ridiculous take on things*), who would vote for the same policies, magnified?

* I have a lot of very religious people in my extended family. Basically everthing bad happening in our country is described as "signs of the times---that Jesus is about to Rapture us up and the Anti-Christ will appear (out of the European Union which is the "Revived Roman Empire" according to them), and the worse it gets the better we should feel knowing we are going to be in heaven any month or year now. We also "must back Israel no matter what" or "God will remove his special blessing from the United States" (looks like that has been happening for 20 years now, but I digress). You can imagine how fruitless it is trying to talk sense to these otherwise very good (active in their towns, volunteering, donating time and money, etc.) people is. Its like talking to a wall and expecting it to move. Every week they both go to church and watch preachers on TV who tell them the same things. Its amazing how useless the religious right is becoming. The thing is, is that if we are all still here in 30 years and peace breaks out in the middle east, they run the risk of REALLY losing the next generation of the youth now in these kind of churches, who will feel hoodwinked that they are still here. Ive had to hear this bullshit since the 1970's (it was Russia back then, whom they are being whipped up into a fervor to hate again now as the "big problem in the world"). Its amazing to say it, but our fundamentalists are damn near as kooky as Islam's is. The reason Im so utterly turned off on this kind of bullshit is that I had to hear in the seventies when I was a lad. I didn't even expect to be on earth nearly THIS long when I was a teenager because I had that "latter days" nonsense pounded into my head. They have the churchgoers so throuroughly believing that there is no other way to interpret the bible's prophetic passages that Im surprised that any of them even bother saving for retirement, because they so fevrently believe none of us are going to be here anyway.

These are Bush's staunchest backers and they will be McCain's voters. Its amazing. Bush/McCain back things that hit these people the hardest, but like a battered wife, they keep coming back for more expecting a promised paradise any minute now.

October 03, 2008 3:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Then, is her YourLyingEyes GPA up from D+

October 03, 2008 9:56 PM  

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