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07 February 2008

A Campaign Quiz from The New Yorker

A hilarious little "Campaign Quiz" from this week's New Yorker, designed to test your hipness regarding the Presidential candidates. It's hilarious, not for the reasons the author intends, but for how impeccably it outlines the Illuminati-take on American politics.

The obvious point of the exercise is to point up the stupid/boarish/ignorant/ intolerant /backward/ bourgeois statements and attitudes of the unfavored candidates. Of note is that Barack is the Christ-figure of this tale - scourged by his opponents but of course infallible as decreed by the creator (author). Hillary (with help from (gasp) Bill!) is Pilate - the Machiavellian schemer out to ingratiate herself with the bloodthirsty masses. The Republican candidates are below contempt, uttering one preposterous, loathsome imbecility after another. It's an excellent window into the mindset of those who view themselves (and to a large extent are) really in control of the agenda.


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