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30 September 2007

'Not All of Them'

D-list comedienne (and lapsed-catholic) Kathy Griffin likes to tell how enjoys taunting her mother over the child-abuse scandal among the catholic priesthood, calling them "a bunch of kid f---ers." Her mother's retort? "Not all of them."

In Nassau County on Long Island (just east of New York City), law enforcement officials are up in arms because Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) just arrested 186 illegal immigrants in a raid centered around gang members. "Not all of them!" appears to be their response.
Nassau County officials today will call for a federal investigation into a series of antigang raids last week that resulted in the arrests of 186 immigrants on Long Island. They said that the vast majority of those arrested were not gang members and that local police were misled and endangered by the operation.
The magnitude of the horror - that the federal government dared to detain illegal immigrants who weren't gang members - is evident:
One of the arrests that drew protest was of the father of a 4-month-old whose mother was at work. Mr. Smith said that the father was not a gang member, but that another man living in his apartment in Westbury had been convicted of a robbery. He said when the father was taken into custody, he voluntarily left the baby in the care of others until his wife’s return.
Those ungodly beasts at ICE! You'd think they'd have made a point to ascertain the identity, life history, and spouse work schedules of the gang members' roommates before conducting such raids. How hard could that be? Nassau County officials have vowed that they won't be fooled again. "The police commissioner told The Associated Press on Friday that his officers would not cooperate again in such an operation." I'm sure the good citizens of Nassau County will sleep better knowing that their police will no longer help ICE track down illegal-immigrant gang members.


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