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23 December 2012

A Can't Lose Political Strategy

When your back's against the wall, and everyone is prophesying your imminent demise, your enemies crowing about how your days are numbered, as a party you'll want to come up with a sure-fire winner of a strategy, one guaranteed, if not to immediately turn the tables, to at least stanch the bleeding and start winning over converts. Obviously you're going to fight to the bitter end against tax increases for the top 2% of earners and demand cuts to Social Security and Medicare. The strategy writes itself!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing isnt it? Romney pays 13 percent on 20 million, and Joe the plumber pays 25 percent on 70 thousand. Christ's parable about the poor woman who gave "all that she had" being a more signifigant offering than a wealthy donors financially larger, yet much less a portion of his income, gift should be instructive to the more religiously affiliated party.
I dont want lower taxes for myself. I want Mitt to pay the same percentage of his income that I do.

I guess that makes me a flat tax type. Even the payroll taxes a minimum wage worker pays (Social Sec and Medicare) represent some "skin in the game".

December 24, 2012 2:09 PM  

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