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31 August 2012

Reasons Not to Want Romney as President

They were all over Obama for his lack of leadership and failure to keep his grand promises. Well let's hope that if elected Romney be equally feckless on certain of his policy prescriptions, because from what we've been hearing, we can expect the following from a Romney Administration:
  • Dramatically lower tax rates amidst one of the lowest revenue streams the Federal government has ever seen. Sure he promises to eliminate loopholes at the same time, but at a time when nearly all the income is being earned by the wealthiest, lowering marginal tax rates is almost surely going to dampen any tax gains we get out of a growing economy (if it even grows)
  • Greater hostility toward the Russian Federation, as we have been assured that Mitt views Russia as a foe. We can expect that Russia will jealously guard it's "sphere of influence" and perhaps seek to expand it (and run little incursions into ours) should Washington start rattling its sabers. But we have no true ideological beef with Russia (discounting our childlike wish for all people to live in freedom and democracy). As competing nuclear powers, we should shake hands and agree to respect each other's spheres while agreeing to recognize our neighbors' sovereignty.
  • Continued destabilization and undermining of sovereign governments. The mess that Obama is making of the Mideast would presumably continue under Romney, as he has not uttered a word of criticism other than to hint that he would be even more aggressive in overthrowing stable regimes.
  • High potential for outright war. Romney seems fully signed on with the Neo-Con insistence that no greater threat to America exists (perhaps has ever existed) than Iran's nuclear program. America's complicity in Israeli bombing of Iran would look very bad - should we actually take part - well, that would make us pariahs - unworthy of trust.
  • Even more hubris on Wall Street. Mitt now seems to be Wall Street's man in this election (Obama was their man last go around). Not that Obama has caused them much of a problem, but that stupid Barney Frank bill is not quite their cup of tea. Mitt, being a Wall Streeter himself and damn proud of it, is unlikely to bring them any grief.
  • Much more "free trade". Our trading policies seem to have a consistent result - less work for American men, and more profits for corporations. I'm not sure what the solution is, but racking up tens of $billions in trade deficits month-after month-after month doesn't quite support the contentions of the free-trade cheerleaders that free trade makes us all better off.
  • Immigration "reform" might just get passed under Romney. If he pushes it, he will probably get a rather rude awakening from his own party like Bush got - but there's a chance the loyal opposition has grown weary of the fight, and won't be able to muster up a fight against their own president.
On the other hand, with the current conservative members of the Supreme Court not getting any younger, there is one (or maybe it's two) good reasons to want Romney to win, which I feel trumps all the above:

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Blogger Glaivester said...

Also, there is the fact that Obama might pass "immigration reform" on his own without Congress. He's already trying to do so.

September 04, 2012 5:02 PM  
Blogger Baloo said...

Some other reasons that might appeal:

October 05, 2012 4:10 PM  

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