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24 June 2010

Some Great Job Opportunities in the Offing

If you've got some talent in advocacy, particularly when it comes to constructing elaborate, unwieldy lies, then there will no doubt be some employment opportunities for you in the very near future. Mayor Bloomberg has announced that he will be going on the offensive, with the help of several other billionaires including Rupert Murdoch, to push for amnesty and increased immigration. He has said part of his effort will be to convince Americans that more immigration would be good for them, so he's going to need some advocates out there pushing this preposterous notion.

Of course this is terrible news if you're young and finding it hard to land a job, since what these billionaires are saying is that Americans suck so bad that even when there is 10% unemployment they still can't fill their job needs, so they need to import people to do work that pathetic Americans, with their jokes of diplomas that they've paid tens of thousands of dollars for, are incapable of performing.

His main argument is that we need to increase immigration so that great feats of immigrant-led entrepreneurship can forge our future, but that's just silly since immigrants with such special skills can already come here. The only say more H1-B immigration will help is in keep employment costs down, since most of these jobs are for low-level technical work that any American could do. This is clearly a gross violation of immigration law, but obviously either no one is checking or there are simple gaping loopholes in the rules. Remember, the Times Square bomber was working as an accounting temp under H1-b, despite his mediocre skills.

The immigration advocacy is entirely built on lies, from top-to-bottom, but lying can pay well, so if that's something you're good at, you might want to look into what could be a lucrative employment opportunity.

Here's the Fox and Friends interview of Bloomberg and Murdoch. Best part: about 4:55 in, when Murdoch says he understands how people are upset when their town suddenly becomes 50% spanish-speaking, and he basically says "Hey, too fucking bad. Deal with it." Runner-up, about 2:05 in, Bloomberg calls immigration restriction 'national suicide'. Bloomberg had a lot of weird arguments - he pooh-poohs concerns about immigrants pumping up Democrat voting by basically saying 'No problem, they don't vote anyway' and arguing they don't commit crimes because they're illegal, so they want to stay away from the police. You certainly get the idea that Bloomberg views the current illegal population as cowering, tame serfs who can safely be ignored, not considering for a moment how that might change if their status were made legal. Funny guys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The right will have an opportunity here to identify the pro-amnesty business leaders and to go after them with boycotts.

Michael Bloomberg, (Bloomberg LP)
Bill Gates (Microsoft)
Rupert Murdoch (Fox)
Warren Buffett (Geico)

People can vote with their dollars and not do business with these entities. I literally switched auto insurance from Geico to State Farm to not spend money at a Buffett-owned enterprise.

Some of the pro-Amnesty comments in the thread after the Bloomberg article are very telling. There are plenty of people who really think you should be able to hire third-worlders for $1 an hour in this nation, and that they can live in (apparently) tent-cities and thats "just the market at work". Its unbelieveable. Michael Bloomberg in particular, would be aghast at a democratic vote on this matter, but is all in favor of going around the voting populace and seeking a "deal" cut in the back-hallways of congress and a rider put on whatever unrelated amendment to achieve the same ends.

Whats really irritating is that if there is an Amnesty and a overhaul to Bloomberg's liking.......New York wont change much, but the southern half of the United States will be unrecognizable in 30 years. So much for the voters getting what they want.

June 25, 2010 9:56 PM  

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