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11 November 2009

Will Hasan's Efforts Have Been in Vain?

Not if the Washington Post has any say in it. And no doubt General "Diversity is the most important thing in the whole world" Casey is listening.
U.S. Muslim service members say they stand out in both their worlds. Among fellow troops, that can mean facing ethnic taunts, awkward questions about spiritual practices and a structure that is not set up to accommodate their worship. Among Muslims, the questions can be more profound: How can a Muslim participate in killing other Muslims in such places as Iraq and Afghanistan?
No doubt frantic efforts at accommodation are already underway to make sure no Muslim soldier is ever driven again to take such extreme measures to voice his disapproval.

Meanwhile the New York Times is fighting a similar battle from a different approach: that the shooting is just another symptom of stress in the military and our failed efforts to relieve it.
But in the town of Killeen and other surrounding communities, the attack, one of the worst mass shootings on a military base in the United States, is also seen by many as another blow in an area that has been beset by crime and violence since the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq began. Reports of domestic abuse have grown by 75 percent since 2001. At the same time, violent crime in Killeen has risen 22 percent while declining 7 percent in towns of similar size in other parts of the country.
Yeah, I can just here those Killeen residents right now: "What - that Fort Hood thing? Please. We've had a 22% increase in violent crime ourselves - don't talk to me about mass murder - we live with it everyday!"

Clearly, according to the Times, Fort Hood needs more mental health professionals. Surely there are more crack psychiatrists like Maj. Hasan they could bring in to help?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as military recruiting efforts are not impaired, I dont expect a response.

Simply put, with double digit unemployment, the military will have no problem recruiting new young men (and women). So considering that only white rednecks and a few poor diversoids were killed, the elite could not care less. If William Casey's son or daughter had been shot, he'd be less concerned about "our diversity" and more concerned about our soldiers. But thats not the case.

The difference between this and 9.11 is that some members of the elite were personally affected by 9.11, whereas only peons were shot by Nadal Hasan.

What should really upset -everyone-is that the Army started lying about the incident from the moment that it happened, immediately declaring "terrorism had nothing to do with it", when even ABC news later proved that it (terrorism) did indeed factor heavily in Hasan's very meticulously-planned-multiple homicides. He spoke with a radical iman about it online, he had multiple weapons, brought back up magazines for reloading, had expressed sentiments to his other "mental health professionals" that all "infidels" (thats us folks, for those of you keeping score at home) deserved to "have boiling oil poured down their-our-throats". Gee, what a f'ing suprise this guy goes postal.

Don't let this affect diversity though y'all. Diversity is our strength. Diversity was practically a founding American Value. Valley Forge and Paul Revere's ride were all for diversity. Patrick Henry wrote his name on the Declaration so large, only for diversity so that we could accomodate Muslims with prayer rugs and women wearing veils in our shopping malls 200 years later, and elect a guy named Borat Hussein J'Obama*****

*****I favor calling him "JOBama" because you will have to spell "job" everytime you spell his name, since 15 million Americans wished they had jobs right now (but 8 million illegals remain employed).

November 14, 2009 4:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


November 18, 2009 11:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Among fellow troops, that can mean facing ethnic taunts, awkward questions about spiritual practices and a structure that is not set up to accommodate their worship."

I love this stuff. Allah forbid that any organization that Muslims might like to join would not be "set up to accomodate their worship". What do all the Quakers in the military do?

January 13, 2010 4:12 PM  
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